T4144 - GYOKURO KAGOSHIMA Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Our Gyokuro comes from a small, organic family garden in the celebrated town of Makizono situated on the island of Kyushu.
    This splendid ‘Shadow Tea’, a gift from the land of the Rising Sun, is cultivated according to the Japanese tradition of shading the tea bushes from direct sunlight. In these exquisite terroirs, the woven straw of the shade houses undulate with the hilly, fertile landscapes of one of the most beautiful regions in Japan. Protected from the sun for two to three weeks, the supple leaves with an extraordinary gourmet aroma of white flowers are then plucked by hand using precise ancestral techniques. After a meticulous crafting, the planter achieves this fine and lustrous tea with a rich umami flavour synonymous of a Grand Cru.

    Dried leaves : The buds and tender leaves are gently steam-heated with pure volcanic water until they become marvellous, emerald needles delivering a score of blossoming white orchids, followed by notes of roasted Fuji apples and tender meringue.

    Infused leaves : Brilliant emerald. The leaves’ perfume opens on a note of white guava and golden caramel.

    Liquor : Jade-tinted silk hemmed with gold, the liquor caresses the palate with a velvety texture and a soft umami aroma. The sweetness of white strawberry married to the woody-flowery fragrance of the leaves evoke gourmet marron glacé, crowned by a finale of white nougat and green pistachio.

    A tea of high emotions.

    Label Jardin Premier

    7 g / 20 cl - 65°C - 2 min

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