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As part of our business, via our website, we collect and process personal data regarding its visitors, prospects and customers. Through this charter, we undertake to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of the data processed by MARIAGE FRÈRES. This charter sets out the main principles and guidelines, without these being limited thereto, of MARIAGE FRÈRES with regard to the protection of personal data. Indeed, we may be required to inform you in a more precise or specific way during the actual collection of data for certain actions or events (for example, by means of special messages under the forms on our websites).



We process your data for the following reasons:

  • To allow you to discover our universe and its products via our website. To this end, we deposit cookies to secure and improve the performance of the site and, subject to your consent, we deposit additional cookies to make your browsing experience more pleasant, to organize sweepstakes and games and carry out prospecting actions adapted to your specific interests;
  • To allow you to place orders. We only process the necessary data such as your postal and contact details, as well as your delivery instructions. Your payment data is processed directly by the payment providers, under their responsibility: we never have access to it;
  • To allow us to fulfill your orders. Several administrative aspects (invoicing) and logistics (inventory management, preparation, shipping) need to be managed so that your order arrives in good condition. We use subcontractors for each step, under our responsibility. Other operations are carried out under the responsibility of third-party companies: payment (in which we are not involved) and delivery (each company is responsible for its own mode of operation, though we make sure all is going well) ;
  • To keep you informed and to allow us to develop our business. Subject to your consent, we send out newsletters and contest announcements as well as commercial offers. You may refuse to take advantage of these features and, if you have given your consent, change your mind at any time;
  • To answer your questions regarding our products or your orders. Our customer service department has access to the data in your customer account, the information linked to your orders or what you transmit to us directly via our contact forms or by telephone.



Besides the information needed for the reasons cited earlier, we may also process the following data that you transmit to us directly:

  • ID: gender, surname, family name, etc.;
  • Contact details: email address, postal address, telephone number, etc.;
  • Delivery instructions;
  • Any special requests submitted to our customer service department.

We do not receive your bank details (only the selected payment provider has access to them, under their own responsibility). Furthermore, as our commercial relationship evolves, we may process data that you have not transmitted to us directly:

  • Cookies used for commercial and advertising purposes (subject to your consent), allowing us to understand your areas of interest so we may propose more appropriate sales offers;
  • Your “customer profile”, updated each time you visit our site, as well as any information related to your orders or your interactions with us via our newsletters or our contests, the goal being to make offers that are better suited to your interests.



Regarding your data, you have the following rights:

  • Right to access: you may ask us what data we have about you and why;

As such you may:

  • Access any and all data that concerns you;
  • Know the origin of the data concerning you as well as the recipients of this information;
  • Obtain a copy of your data;
  • Right to rectification: to ask us to modify certain data, for legitimate reasons, that you are not able to modify yourself via your customer account;
  • Right to oppose: to object, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your data;
  • Right to portability: valid for processing based on your consent or on a sales contract (purchase of our products). This right allows you to recover your data and/or have it transferred to another organization. However, it only concerns data managed by computer (paper files are not concerned) and only data you yourself provide.
  • Right to restrict processing: you may ask us to temporarily stop processing your data for legitimate reasons. This must not be exercised alone but in parallel with another right request such as, for example, the right of opposition or rectification. This allows you to "pause" the use of your data while your other right request is considered.


Therefore, once the processing of your data has been paused, it can only be used in the following cases:

  • You have given us your consent;
  • For the establishment, exercise or defense of legal rights;
  • For the protection of the rights of another person, either natural or legal;
  • For important reasons of public interest of the European Union or any Member State.
  • Right to erasure of your data: to obtain the deletion of your personal data.

You may obtain the erasure of all your data:

  • At any time, if your data is used for prospecting purposes;
  • If the data is not or no longer necessary with regard to the purposes for which it was initially collected;
  • If you withdraw your consent to the use of your data, where the processing was based on your consent;
  • If your data is or has been unlawfully processed;
  •  If your data was collected when you were a minor (not applicable to your relationship with MARIAGE FRERES);
  •  If your data needs to be erased to comply with a legal obligation;
  • f you have objected to the processing of your data and MARIAGE FRERES has no compelling reason not to comply with your request. In certain cases we will not be able to grant your request, in particular if MARIAGE FRERES is under a legal obligation to keep your data or if your data is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of legal rights (eg: data used in the context of litigation). • Right to oppose any commercial prospecting operation may be exercised at any time and with no justification (this is valid for any of our communications);  • Right to define the directives relating to the storage, erasure and communication of your personal data in the event of death, in application of the French law ‘Loi pour une République numérique’ n° 2016-1321 of 7th October 2016. You may exercise these rights by contacting the MARIAGE FRÈRES data protection officer by email at [email protected] or by post at 10 rue du Parc Royal 75003 Paris. Please accompany any request with proof of your identity. If you believe that we have not processed your data in accordance with the law, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés).



We may, if necessary, communicate your personal data to our subcontractors and partners:

  • Relative to payment (only they have access to your banking information) ;
  • Relative to logistics (inventory management, shipping and delivery management) ;
  • Relative to communication and marketing

We may also communicate data to legal authorities upon justified request. We neither sell nor share your data with third parties, other than our subcontractors and partners, for our own purposes.



We only keep your data for as long as it takes to fulfill the intended purpose. For this we take into account the applicable legal deadlines as well as the recommendations of the CNIL. In more explicit terms, it depends on your status:

  • If you are a prospective consumer who has never placed an order nor ever created an account on our site, then we only have your data (subject to your consent) in connection with our newsletters, contests and cookies:
  • You will remain in our contact database for 3 years, unless you request to leave earlier, starting from your last interaction with one of our communications;
  • Cookies are kept for a maximum of 13 months
  • If you are a customer who has at one point placed an order, created an account or identified yourself by contacting our customer service:
  • Your account data is kept for up to 5 years, starting from the last order or connection to your account. However, due to tax obligations, MARIAGE FRÈRES will keep proof of orders and payments for a minimum of 10 years;
  • Your exchanges with our customer service are kept for up to 5 years (1 year if they are not related to any order);
  • Cookies are kept for a maximum of 13 months



Your present data is hosted on our website in Brittany, France, with ICODIA. Some data may be hosted elsewhere in Europe, but always compliant to similar security conditions. However, some of our subcontractors (in terms of communication and marketing) generate data flows to the United States, a country that has not been the subject of an adequacy decision by the European Commission. Nevertheless, these flows are governed by the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission and additional security measures such as strong data encryption have been put in place. These transfers therefore take place under the conditions of legal and technical security required by law.



Mariage Frères takes measures to ensure that the security of the personal data it processes is adapted according to the sensitivity of this data and the risks attached to it. To this end, the IT teams implement the requirements of the data protection policy and in particular those relating to:

  • The identification of possible cyber attacks
  • The implementation of appropriate network protection, via filtering programs and firewalls,
  • Maintaining security conditions for the various components of the infrastructure and applications, in particular the application of security updates and the upgrading of components to avoid using out-of-date or unserviceable components,
  • The strengthening of infrastructure components such as servers or workstations,
  • Regular verification of infrastructure or application vulnerabilities via monitoring and the use of technical or application vulnerability detectors,
  • Encryption of data at rest when needed and in transit,
  • The use of good security practices when developing applications, particularly for web-type applications,
  • The allocation of user rights respecting the principle of least privilege and the right to know,
  • Supervising the security of personal data and the applications accessing it, in particular through the centralization and use of logs.



The term cookies is to be taken in the broad sense: it designates all the tracers deposited and/or read, for example, when consulting a website, reading an e-mail, or during installation or use of any software or mobile application. Cookies based on a file that can be stored on the user's computer when browsing aim to simplify browsing on the sites (automatic authentication, personalization of certain information, etc.) and/or to personalize the advertising appearing to users while browsing. It is this type of cookie that we use. To find out more about cookies, see this page on the CNIL website. Mariage Frères uses cookies or other tracers to facilitate use of the site and make it more pleasant by allowing the consultation and sharing of multimedia content; to produce statistics on visits and navigation; to improve the performance and security of the site; to offer special operations and organize contests in connection with our social networks; to personalize the content offered and to offer you, on our site or those of our partners, advertisements adapted to your centers of interest. Some cookies, other than functional and security ones, require your consent to be placed. This consent was requested during your first visit to our site and is requested again at least every 13 months. You can change your consent choices by clicking here. Certain features of our site (content sharing on social networks, statistics, advertising, etc.) rely on services offered by third parties. When you give your consent, these third parties place cookies that allow you to benefit from the associated functionalities (for example, view a Youtube video or share your favorite article on Instagram) or allow us to achieve the objectives set out below. Via these cookies, these third parties collect and use your browsing data for their own purposes, in accordance with their privacy policies (accessible in the cookie management panel by clicking here). Below you will find details about the cookies used by MARIAGE FRÈRES.


STRICTLY NECESSARY FUNCTIONAL COOKIES These cookies allow our site to function optimally, which is why we do not ask for your consent to use them. You can force their deletion using your browser settings, however your user experience may be severely degraded. Cookie Name Finality / Purpose Duration



MARIAGE FRÈRES relies on certain services offered by third-party sites in order to:

  • Allow you to view certain external content directly on our site (product presentation videos for example);
  • Allow you to easily share content on social networks;
  • Offer you additional features to facilitate your purchases, collect your opinions or organize contests;
  • Allow us to obtain traffic statistics useful for improving our site (e.g. number of visits, most consulted pages, etc.). We use this data to identify any malfunctions on the site and the improvements to be made. The information collected, crossed with other data sources, also allows us to carry out advertising targeting;
  • Allow us to carry out commercial prospecting / marketing operations. During your first visit to our site and at least every 13 months, a banner informs you of the presence of these cookies and invites you to indicate your choice (consent to their deposit or not). They are only deposited if you accept them. You can inform yourself at any time and configure your cookies to accept or refuse them by clicking here. Cookie Name Finality / Purpose Duration


MODIFICATION OF THE CHARTER Until a new version replaces this charter, it is the only one able to be opposed. It is subject to change. MARIAGE FRÈRES reserves the right to update or modify it at any time and without notice. You are therefore advised to consult it regularly.


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