AUTUMN TEAS Made in France
The flavours and colours of an Indian summer inspired Mariage Frères to create a tea collection with tasty notes of autumn fruits.
TEA - COTTON MUSLIN Made in France
THÉ PARISIEN™ Made in France
In celebration of its newest Parisian teahouse just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower, Mariage Frères has imagined a seductive collection of dazzlingly festive teas in the image of Paris. Presented in blue, white, and red tins, these three teas evoke all the delights and joie de vivre of the City of Lights. Très French !
THÉS DES ROIS Made in France
A tip of the hat to all the Happy Queens, Kings and Princely tea connoisseurs,
Mariage Frères inaugurates a joyous and colourful collection, quirky and chic, stylish and gourmet. Noblesse oblige!
GOLD TEA & SILVER TEA Made in France
The gold and silver is to be drunk with the tea, harmonizing with its elegant flavour.
BEL AMI® Made in France
A tribute to friendship, love and beauty, this voluptuous tea is named after Maupassant’s novel Bel Ami.