T2303 - YIN ZHEN SUPRÊME  White tea - Jardin Premier*

    White tea - Jardin Premier*

    These «Silver Needles» are only plucked once a year in the context of a meticulous harvesting labeled «imperial» and are only presented as ‘Suprême’ if the harvest warrants such excellence. Mariage Frères proudly presents its newest masterpiece, Yin Zhen Suprême, issued from an organic garden composed of only the finest buds which deliver extraordinary freshness and indescribable poetry in the cup.

    Dried leaves: Pearly white and jade, the buds dazzle with their perfection. Sensual to the touch, an aromatic profusion registering a zesty note of mandarine is joined by the woody-flowery fragrances of jasmine and sandalwood, punctuated by a heady flood of white orchid.

    Infused leaves: Ivory and green saphire. Once infused, the flamboyance of colours and aromas multiplies. An olfactory extravaganza replete with scents of almond, pistachio and orange blossom linger amongst a score of noble spices, evoking an exuberant bouquet of gourmet vanilla and wet peony.

    Liquor Brilliant gold. A fresh, first wave of eucalyptus dances with the aromas of the crimped leaves of wild mulberry. The second rush of flavour, full of roundness, recalls notes of chypre, ylang ylang, rose and vetiver, matured by a deliciously fruity resonance of blackcurrant and sweet violet. The palate is caressed with hints of grilled hazelnut, followed by an earthy and harmonious finale of roasted pear and ‘grand cru’ black bee honey.

    Your wish is granted.

    Label Jardin Premier

    5 g / 20 cl - 80°C - 7 min

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