T2217 - LUNG CHING D'OR Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    This premium China green tea is the first to appear, Year of the Dragon.

    A superb harvest of high altitude from the famous “Dragon Well”, fashioned between the Lions Peak and Western Lake, in the coastal province of Zhejiang. This Spring Flush “Lung Ching d’Or”, harvested in very small quantities, proves to be simply outstanding.

    Leaves : supple, flattened in the shape of a sparrow’s tongue and a handsome pale jade colour.

    Nose : very enticing; exhales a floral bouquet mingling with dried fruits and green mango jam.

    Liquor : clear and shimmering, its lively and structured texture literally explodes on the palate. It develops intense aromas, flowing and gay (iris, Imperial peony), blending in with the rising inflections of fresh walnut, chestnut and lightly roasted pine nut. Rich and balanced, its deep flavour testifies to the careful heating of the leaves during its creation, producing an admirably sweet lingering note.

    The chosen tea; not only of the Emperors of China, but of “Golden Dragons” as well.

    Label Jardin Premier

    5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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