T2322 - KISSED BLUE TEA® Blue tea™

    Blue tea™

    Mariage Frères discovered this Blue Tea™ during a voyage to the magnificent province of Guizhou, in the southwest of China. In the heart of this mountainous isolated terrain, almost 1,200 metres in altitude, grow centenary tea trees nourished by abundant rain and a perfect temperature all year round. The singular quality of this tea resides in the mini-oxidation of the young tender leaves caused by the natural intervention of a small insect hungry for tree sap. Natural juices are therefore liberated from the leaves, imparting a gourmet touch to the liquor.

    Dried leaves: The partially oxidised leaves with blueish nuances and downy buds unleash a fragrant bouquet of peony and shortbread.

    Infused leaves: Imperial green. The leaves release a hint of blueberry jam enlivened with a dash of rosewood.

    Liquor: Luminous amber. A note of fresh resin blends with delicious white peach, punctuated by waves of brown caramel.

    Blue Romance.

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