TB9195 - TOKYO IN LOVE® Scented blue tea

    Scented blue tea
    Jardin Premier*

    TOKYO IN LOVE is a flowery blue tea that recreates the magical ambiance of the gardens of Tokyo, deliciously pleasant and peaceful.
    In the cup appears a fascinating blue tone rich with the fragrance of plum and cherry blossom, precious icons of Japan. Rose petals, symbols of the new ‘In Love’ collection, impart an enchanting delicacy to this magnificent blue tea.

    The hypnotic, ultraviolet case glitters with a ring of golden hearts.

    lease consider: The blue liqueur teas (Marco Polo Blue, Opera Blue, Thé Bleu des Légendes, etc.) owe its signature blue colour to the presence of finely chiselled blue flowers.
    As this is a 100% natural product, the beautiful shades of blue may differ depending on the type of infusion or harvest, varying from pale to deep blue.

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    Label Jardin Premier

    1 muslin / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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  4. Presentations : Muslin Tea Sachet
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