E316 - THÉS PRINCIERS®  3 teas gift set

    3 teas gift set
    black tea, rooibos, white tea

    Mariage Frères has created a new black gift case containing three lacquered canisters.
    They hold three blended teas that one can prepare at any moment of the day.

    - EARL GREY FRENCH BLUE : black tea
    - ROUGE MÉTIS : naturally theine-free red tea
    - MARCO POLO BLANC : white tea

    Black classical presentation case holding 100g of black scented tea & rooibos scented tea and 30g of white scented tea in colourful canisters.

  2. Characteristics : #Three Teas   #Black tea   #Theine-free red tea   #White tea   #Fruity & flowery   #Earl Grey   
  3. Ref : E316  -  Price : 59€
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