T4278S - SENCHA KYOTO Green tea - Japan

    Green tea - Japan
    Jardin Premier*

    This splendid « Shaded Tea », legacy of the land of the Rising Sun, is cultivated in the Kyoto region out of sunlight according to ancient Japanese methods. In these excellent terroirs, the shades hug the fertile and hilly landscape of one of the most beautiful regions of Japan. After having been protected from sunlight for one week, the rich, supple leaves with an extraordinary aroma of white flowers, from the Yabukita tea plant, are plucked by hand using precise ancestral maneuvers. The planter then performs a long and meticulous crafting so as to obtain this fabulously fine and lustrous tea whose rich umami flavour is synonymous with this Grand Cru.

    Dried leaves: The sublime, sparkling emerald buds are steamed with pure water and deliver a bouquet evoking angelica and elderflower jelly.
    Infused leaves: Luminous imperial green. The leaves unfurl with a sweet fragrance of fresh pine nut.
    Liquor: Gold with jade intonations. Noble and precious, this Sencha Kyoto caresses the palate with a note of flowery white ganache, punctuated with a hint of stewed nashi pear.

    Treasure of Kyoto.

    Label Jardin Premier

    7 g / 20 cl - 65°C - 2 min

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