T4626 - PEACE MOUNTAIN TEA® Blue Tea™ - Jardin Premier*

    Blue Tea™ - Jardin Premier*

    Issued from a small organic garden in the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand, this all new Blue Tea™ is a seductive ode to beauty. Mariage Frères presents a new gem; an absolute pinnacle of colour, texture and flavour. The fruit of a delicate work respecting nature, this magnificent tea, rich with young buds nourished by a generous terroir, offers an instant of happiness to the esthetes of taste the world over.

    Dried leaves: The most beautiful buds hemmed with emerald are harvested one by one and led off to the atelier to be heated, partially oxydised then fashioned into pearls rich with a tapestry of perfumes like white mango and four o’clock flower.

    Infused leaves: Jade colour. The leaves deliver a note of cedar resin, joined by the intense fruitiness of irresistible raspberry.

    Liquor:The golden liquor is stunningly beautiful. The first hazelnuts of the season replete with flowery and milky fragrances blend with those of red pomegranate, enlivening the palate with their dazzling sweet-and-sour flavours. Harmonious notes of blooming magnolia and lychee honey accentuate the liquor while the finale recalls a sweet taste of ripe pineapple.

    The route to paradise.

    Label Jardin Premier

    4 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min

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