T2361 - ORCHIDÉE DIVINE® Blue tea - China

    Blue tea - China
    Jardin Premier*

    In the north of Fujian province stand the famous Wuyi Mountains, whose vertiginous peaks carve out a green landscape bathed in mist. On their steep slopes grow some of the greatest 'rock teas'.
    This 'Divine Orchid' tea, a literal and poetic translation of its Chinese name, is one of those blue teas whose deep oxidation offers new adventures in flavour.

    Dried leaves: The whole leaves sculpted like curlicues are marked by a long oxidation, giving them a shade of ebony.

    Infused leaves: A floral brume mingles with the gourmet scents of golden marzipan.

    Liquor: The infusion in the shade of brown jasper reveals a rich nose of brioche and brown butter. A round and warm flavour of toasted pecan is expressed generously and persistently in a liqueur with perfectly balanced texture.

    Label Jardin Premier

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

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