A1125 - OPIUM Stoneware teapot
  1. OPIUM

    Stoneware teapot
    platinum enamel - 6 cups

    The embossed poppy capsules - as well as its name, of course - evoke the charm and allure of Opium.

    This tall plant with its lone flower, sometimes coloured, sometimes white resembling a teacup, was cultivated in China, the country of tea “par excellence”, for its solitary beauty where it enchanted the poets and artists of the time.

    Mariage Frères pays homage not only to the millennial history between man and this flower, but also celebrates the pleasures associated with the palate as well as the mind. For the lovers of finer things, this teapot was conceived and designed.

    Stoneware teapot made in France.

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