TA6920 - MAORI NOIR® Black tea - Jardin Premier*

    Black tea - Jardin Premier*
    New Zealand

    Our adventurer’s spirit has taken us far off the beaten track to bring back this unique and surprising tea from a new continent: New Zealand inscribes its unexpected name in our tea catalogue.

    Irrigated by the largest river on the island, the Waikato (in Maori « flowing water ») is known for its large biodiversity. In the north of the territory, a small garden dedicates itself to the confection of this organic cru exclusively for Mariage Frères.

    Dried leaves : The buds are harvested manually then delicately crafted so as to give a deep, matte ebony finish. The nose resonates with subtle, woody overtones. An elegantly floral aroma evokes the narcissus that grows along the volcanic foothills of the aptly named « Smoking Island ».

    Infused leaves : Dazzling shades of tan & amber. A fruity heart note gracefully defined by blackcurrant and plum leads into a soaring aroma of antique rose while in the background notes of cashew and autumn truffle linger about.

    Liquor : Crystalline amber, fruity and supple like a quince poached in strawberry tree berry syrup, with an infinite persistence as invigorating as licorice candy.

    Black is très Beautiful!

    *Label Jardin Premier

    4 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

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    50 g of this new rare and sublime black tea are presented in a classical tin encased in an ivory set showing a silver logo

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