TA6911 - MAORI BLUE® SUPRÊME Blue tea™ - Jardin Premier*

    Blue tea™ - Jardin Premier*
    New Zealand

    Our adventurer’s spirit has taken us far off the beaten track to bring back this unique and surprising tea from a new continent: New Zealand inscribes its unexpected name in our tea catalogue. Irrigated by the largest river on the island, the Waikato (in Maori « flowing water ») is known for its large biodiversity.

    In the north of the territory, a small garden dedicates itself to the confection of this cru exclusively for Mariage Frères.

    Dried leaves : The youngest and most beautiful leaves are harvested one by one, then carefully hand-worked to obtain a precious sheen of jade and indigo. The nose evokes fresh bamboo resin amidst an invigorating aroma of camphor wood. The heart of the leaves emit a note of patisserie recalling marshmallow.

    Infused leaves : Emerald-jade, the leaves open bountifully on a note of Bourbon vetiver and rosewood, carried by a hint of vanilla. The finale is mastered by a floral aroma of tuberose.

    Liquor : Absinthe green. A fresh, downy veil of almond milk drapes over the palate. Frank and seductive, the finale balances between gelée de nèfle et une crème de figue aux noix.

    The ends of the earth in a cup of tea.

    *Label Jardin Premier

    4,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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    50 g of this new rare and sublime Blue Tea™ are presented in a classical tin encased in an ivory set showing a silver logo

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