A1715 - DES LÉGENDES Stoneware teapot

    Stoneware teapot
    platinum enamel - 4 cups

    The form of this enamelled stoneware teapot, reminiscent of a magic lamp, suggests fantastic adventures where unicorns and lions are the heroes.

    A whimsical creature, the unicorn is not only the symbol of purity, but of power and spirituality as well. Since the dawn of time the unicorn has appeared in numerous works of art and literature – in ancient China it even figured on the royal crest – and is universally considered an augury. The lion, on the other hand, embodies courage, justice and knowledge (rightfully earning its title as “king”) and therefore is depicted prominently on armaments as well as serving as the beasts of the divine. It is often authoritarian, however, and the fables of yore warn us of its tyrannical thirst for power.

    And between these mythical animals, at the centre of the teapot, a box of tea unites the two. Perhaps a bit of tea is all it takes to achieve harmony?

    Stoneware teapot made in France.

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