T429 - KYOTO OOLONG Thé bleu du Japon

    Thé bleu du Japon
    Jardin Premier*

    Issued from a family garden situated in Wazuka, at the foot of a mountain close to the imperial city of Kyoto, this blue tea is rare for Japan. This small plantation has cultivated tea since the Edo era, always respectful of nature, and has developed a unique savoir-faire enabling them to produce a blue tea in green tea country.
    The young leaves are carefully worked by hand, allowing for a fine, controlled oxidation and rich aroma.

    Dried leaves: The buds hemmed with bluish emerald exhale a scent of maple resin and roasted blue poppy seed
    Infused leaves: The intense aromatic character is accented with beautiful nuances of fragrant fern and blueberry jam.
    Liquor: Golden orange. A fragrance of roasted chestnut mingles with the delicacy of hazelnut nougat.

    Imperial tea.

    Label Jardin Premier

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 90° C - 4 min

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