A3000 - KARAWAN Silver plated teapot

    Silver plated teapot
    4 cups

    This teapot is a silver-plated reproduction of a model exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

    Drawing its inspiration from the Orient, created in 1875, this teapot arose from a movement seeking, through the representation of characters, fauna and flora of the Orient, a sense of mystery and exoticism. The Orient thus recreated by the Romantics was an imaginary, eternal land of adventure, enchantment and fantasy. Compared with a European world going through huge change, it represented the notion of immutability.

    This teapot plays on the poetry of nature and the magic of the desert, and brings to mind the footprints of both man and camel in those strange, hostile and colourful lands inundated with sunshine that invite us to set out on journeys, and promise moments of rest rewarded by hot tea.

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