E98324 - KAMASUTRA® Music box - 4 teas

    Music box - 4 teas
    Clair de Lune - Debussy

    Mariage Frères has brought new sensuality to the fragrance of tea…

    A presentation case in the form of a music box plays Debussy's Clair de Lune: pianissimo, notes of tenderness and love fill the air.

    Four new packets of KAMA SUTRA tea composed around four melodic lines - a silky white tea, a grassy green tea, a delicate black tea, and a smooth red tea.

    A wooden box is decorated with a mysterious, enchanting, seemingly hand-drawn curlicue that scrolls toward the sky like a question mark. The answer is found inside: 4 fuchsia zip packets accompanied by a silver-plated measuring spoon.

  2. Characteristics : #Black tea   #Green Tea   #Theine-free red tea   #Music Box   #White tea   
  3. Ref : E98324  -  Price : 70€