T2813 - HUANG CHA Yellow tea - Jardin Premier*

    Yellow tea - Jardin Premier*
    Yunnan, China

    Dried leaves: The tea leaves are rolled with an ancient and precise technique, resulting in beautifully fine, long and undulating needles. The satiny, amber tones of the young leaves recall precious wood; scattered amongst them are many buds shining like strands of rose gold.

    Infused leaves: They express a surprisingly complex fruity score, with dominant notes of guava jam and ripe medlar.

    Liquor: The cup lights up with a majestic shade of orange, as bright as a marigold. The fine down of the buds, suspended in the infusion, gives the liquor a unique satiny appearance. The heady and gourmet notes of roasted apple and apricot form a resolutely fruity score behind which a veil of lemon glaze tiptoes in the background, refreshing and unexpected. This unforgettable moment continues with an exceptional lingering in the mouth, thanks to a supple, round and silky liqueur.
    Imperial beverage.

    Label Jardin Premier

    5 g / 20 cl - 75°C - 5 min

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