A2899 - GYOKURO Porcelain teapot

    Porcelain teapot
    white - 1 cup

    Japanese green tea Gyokuro is refined and poetic, mineral and marine, evocative of foliage and Ocean... For most people it is the world's greatest tea and should be prepared with particular care - love and solicitude. Gyokuro teapot with its thin, delicate sides is intended for this tea. A rare, unique object, survival from the authentic Japanese way of savouring, specially made without handle for the hand to control steeping temperature; the teapot should feel extremely fresh in Summertime and feel warm in Winter. This tiny, elegant teapot is used in Mariage Frères tea rooms to serve this rare tea. Gyokuro tea can be steeped three times.

    Dim:Ø: 10 cm & h: 6 cm

    Capacity: about 20 cl

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