T1751 - DONYI POLO GOLDEN Thé noir, Arunachal Pradesh

    Thé noir, Arunachal Pradesh

    Donyi Polo (literally « Sun » and « Moon ») is a garden situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh at the borders of China, Myanmar and Bhutan. Mariage Frères offers this brand new discovery from its latest voyage: a magical and rare white tea, issued from tea plants cultivated in harmony with nature. Just a stone’s throw from the garden flows the river Siang, its pure mountain water originating in Tibet, nourishing this fertile valley and imparting the perfect conditions for tea plants. Welcome to the new world!

    Dried leaves: The young amber leaves and golden buds develop a bouquet of toasted pistachio and freshly ground tonka bean.

    Infused leaves: A delicate chocolatey aroma dances with hints of violet marsh mallow and pink peppercorn.

    Liquor: Deep, amber rose madder. The liquor submerges the palate in round and enveloping notes like brown caramel while a woody-vanilla tone emerges blending together iris and black licorice. Gourmet and sensual, the cup is moved by aromas of buckwheat honey with nuances of blackcurrant glaze and the subtle airiness of flavourful coconut. The finale is scored with a dash of persistent, powdery rose.
    The beauty of nature.

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

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