T2331 - SHUI HSIEN SUPREME Thé Bleu™ - Jardin Premier*

    Thé Bleu™ - Jardin Premier*

    This distinguished Shui Hsien (meaning « Water Sprite ») Suprême makes for a fantastic addition to our expansive Blue Tea menu. Issued from a parcel of land containing centuries-old tea bushes, this new tea is composed exclusively of young leaves harvested by hand. Once brought down to the family’s atelier, the leaves are worked according to a time-honoured tradition and generously oxidised then heated at high temperature. This choice cru is thus born, rare and generous, for a unique tasting of infinite pleasure.

    Dried leaves: The young, slender and twisted leaves in shades of mahogany and ebony exhale succulent aromas of ginger caramel and candied jackfruit

    Infused leaves: Sparkling carmine. A perfume of roasted chestnut and poppy flower candy.

    Liquor: Coppery amaranth. Notes of black nougat and redcurrant jam combine in this silky cup. The soft, airy sensation of marshmallow dances with a hint of myrrh recalling subtle, eastern aromas.

    Bucolic and sensational.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

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