T111021 - CASTLETON FTGFOP1 Thé noir, récolte d’été – Darjeeling, Inde

    Thé noir, récolte d’été – Darjeeling, Inde
    Jardin Premier*

    Nestled in the vicinity of Kurseong, the « City of the White Orchid », Castleton has been one of Darjeeling’s most famous gardens since 1885. Enjoying an exceptional terroir, the planter passionately refines his methods so as to perpetually improve the quality of these harvests. The tea bushes planted at the beginning of the golden age of tea are the subject of special attention in order to bring out their aromatic quintessence which makes for the remarkable identity of this excellent garden.

    Dried leaves: Harvested at full maturity at the peak of summer, the whole leaves in beautiful shades of brown shine with satiny, golden reflections. The numerous buds scatter the ensemble with elegant streaks of silver.

    Infused leaves: Eloquently fragrant, an overture of candied peach preceeds a floral duo of violet and real lavender.

    Liquor: The colour of fire, like the sky at sunrise, with sumptuous reflections of pink tourmaline ringing the cup. A velvety liquor, it develops toasty notes of walnut shortbread brightened by the fruitiness of quince jelly.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 90°C - 3 min

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