Restaurants & Tea Salons

Each one of our tea houses offers a unique environment combining prestige, refinement and tradition. Certain shops comprise tea salons, open from noon till 7pm, allowing you to appreciate the finest harvests and tea blends. The flushes from the most prestigious tea gardens are steeped behind an old oak bar: a true tea preparation counter.

Mariage Frères' golden rules are rigorously applied to the most refined and precious infusions for the enchantment of tea lovers. The control of water temperature and steeping time are compulsory for successful tea preparation. In order to best preserve the tea flavors and aromas, purified water is used. Before the tea is served, the leaves are taken out of the teapot.

Epicures can also discover our original preparations baked with tea: the French Art of Tea is for the most part an "Art de la Table", displayed in the "Cuisine au Thé" (French Cuisine with Tea) and applied everyday by our chefs in the preparation of main courses and desserts.

The tea salons, decorated with antique furniture and adjoining the tea shop, create a peaceful environment where tea lovers and gourmands can succumb to both sweet and savoury temptations.

Gourmet tea-infused Patisserie
Ours Restaurants & Tea Salons in Paris