TFG997 - VIOLETTA® Black iced tea

    Black iced tea
    flowers & violet

    To make up to 24 litres of iced tea.

    « FRENCH SUMMER TEA » Collection:
    Delicious iced teas for the summer… and the rest of the year.
    These teas have been specially created to enjoy iced and are accompanied by a packet of clever Filter-Envelopes™ to simplify the cold-brewing process.

    « Let’s drink from the joyful cup! » radiantly sing the lovers of Violetta during this famous waltz from La Traviata.

    To bear witness to its stunning intensity, MARIAGE FRÈRES creates VIOLETTA, a new black tea, flowery like a Parisian folly, heady like the summer in which to drink it – iced – all season long.

    Floral notes, fresh and sensual: white flowers and spring time violet, clear and sprightly.

    In an ebony glass bottle on which VIOLETTA is pronounced queen, our original interpretation promises a delightful adventure at any tempo.

    Pattern to understand how to prepare French ice tea
    Simple instructions to make up to 24 liters of cold-brewed iced tea:
    1 – Put the tea leaves into a Filter-Envelope™
    ->1 measuring-lid of the jar full of tea(approx 10g) for 1 to 1,5 litre pure water
    2 – Close the Filter-Envelope™ by folding over the flap
    3 – Place the Filter-Envelope™ in a jug of pure water at room temperature, keep the jug in the refrigerator for at least 1 jour, stir with care and remove the Filter-Envelope™ before serving
    Serve over ice.

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  4. Presentations : Collector tin
    - Shiny black hand-blown glass with measuring cap (h 175 mm – Ø 85 mm)
    - 160g of VIOLETTA tea, good for up to 24 litres of iced tea
    - 1 pack of Enveloppes Filtre™

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