A1704 - TRÉSOR Stoneware teapot

    Stoneware teapot
    red enamel - 3 cups

    This “treasure” of a teapot is a free interpretation of classical, LOUIS-XIV opulence – when swirls, curls and volutes entwined flora and fauna – thereby reflecting three-century-old decorative skills.
    The raised surface of its walnut-shaped ceramic body flows and swirls around a handsome handle and lofty spout. A rounded top of pewter is capped with a conical knob, in a blend of materials that charmingly underscores natural nobility.

    Red enameled stoneware teapot made in France, crowned by an attached pewter lid and its patina of age, it can hold 0,5 liter.

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  3. Ref : A1704  -  Price : 220€