A1700 - TRÉSOR Stoneware teapot

    Stoneware teapot
    golden enamel - 3 cups

    This “treasure” of a teapot is a free interpretation of classical, LOUIS-XIV opulence – when swirls, curls and volutes entwined flora and fauna – thereby reflecting three-century-old decorative skills.
    The raised surface of its walnut-shaped ceramic body flows and swirls around a handsome handle and lofty spout. A rounded top of pewter is capped with a conical knob, in a blend of materials that charmingly underscores natural nobility.

    Stoneware teapot made in France, enameled with a thin layer of gold, crowned by an attached pewter lid and its patina of age, it can hold 0,5 liter.

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  3. Ref : A1700  -  Price : 560€