TJ3001 - THÉ BLANC SACRÉ™ Harvested with golden scissors

    Harvested with golden scissors
    Ceylan - Jardin Premier*

    A secret estate in Ceylon, nestling between sun and moon, is where Mariage Frères has now revived a ancient Chinese tradition.

    Women wearing fine gloves collect the sole pekoe (bud) of the imperial harvest with golden scissors, taking care not to harm the shoots.
    At no moment do the hands of the pickers—or of the planter—touch these leaves. The gloves prevent this risk, leaving the tea immaculate.
    Pure of any taint, this white tea is low in theine and naturally contains more antioxidants than any other green tea.

    Label Jardin Premier

    White lacquered box with double lid welcomes 4 enveloppes of 5 g of delicate and immaculate white tea.

    5 g / 20 cl - 85°C - 7 min

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