E98322 - SWAN LAKE® Music box - 5 teas

    Music box - 5 teas
    Swan Lake - Tchaïkovsky

    The drawer of the box holds 5 colourful packets of teas, all Mariage Frères creations that illustrate Russian boldness for the eye and palate. When opened, it plays Tchaïkovsky' Swan lake.

    - SWAN LAKE, a flowery green tea
    - IMPERIAL RUSSIA, a darjeeling to Russian taste, incorporating overtones of citrus fruits
    - RUSSIAN JADE, a green tea with a fruity, lemony taste
    - RUSSIAN STAR, a russian-style green tea, with slightly spicy notes
    - ROUGE RUSCHKA, a version of Russian taste devised from a South African red tea - a world first

    Alongside these 5 pakets is a silver plated measuring spoon.

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  3. Ref : E98322  -  Price : 65€