TFG989 - SUMMER SNOW® Green iced tea

    Green iced tea
    fruits & citrus

    To make up to 24 litres of iced tea.

    « FRENCH SUMMER TEA » Collection:
    Delicious iced teas for the summer… and the rest of the year.
    These teas have been specially created to enjoy iced and are accompanied by a packet of clever Filter-Envelopes™ to simplify the cold-brewing process.

    A smooth, green tea with sweet scents of wild berries, both red and black, plus a fresh, sharp touch of lemon: this exotic new iced tea is as refreshing as the eternal snows.

    Pattern to understand how to prepare French ice tea
    Simple instructions to make up to 24 liters of cold-brewed iced tea:
    1 – Put the tea leaves into a Filter-Envelope™
    ->1 measuring-lid of the jar full of tea(approx 10g) for 1 to 1,5 litre pure water
    2 – Close the Filter-Envelope™ by folding over the flap
    3 – Place the Filter-Envelope™ in a jug of pure water at room temperature, keep the jug in the refrigerator for at least 1 jour, stir with care and remove the Filter-Envelope™ before serving
    Serve over ice.

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  4. Presentations : Collector tin
    - Shiny black hand-blown glass with measuring cap (h 175 mm – Ø 85 mm)
    - 160g of SUMMER SNOW tea, good for 16 to 24 litres of iced tea
    - 1 pack of EnvEloppes Filtre™

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