A1921 - SPICE CLUB Hand blown glass teapot

    Hand blown glass teapot
    3 cups

    The straightforward yet elegant lines of this teapot - made entirely of hand-blown glass, ideal for preparing Sweetheart tea - say it all : the voluptuous geometry of this teapot is a weapon of seduction.

    The eye lingers over its curves, over the perfect blend of its blown-glass handle that meets in an entwined, bamboo-style knot, over the round fullness of its top and the natural grace of its spout. The curious eye can even glimpse the Mariage Frères logo engraved on the bottom.

    This hand-blown glass teapot (0,5 l) comes with 30 enveloppes-filtres™.

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  3. Ref : A1921  -  Price : 250€