TP4293 - SMOKY YAKUSUGI Grand cru black tea

    Grand cru black tea
    smoked with Japanese cedar

    A mesmerizing tea.
    This grand black tea is smoked using artisanal methods with Japanese cedar from the island of Yakushima.

    The enveloping liquor is rich with warm, resinous aromas structured by pleasant notes of prune and candied persimmon.

    Issued from a family garden in the region of Shizuoka, near Mount Fuji, it is cultivated using ingenious techniques borrowed from the world’s best agricultural traditions, respectful of the land’s biodiversity. A "Jardin Premier*" tea.

    Label Jardin Premier

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  3. Presentations : Packet
    This smoked black tea from Japan is packaged in a 50 g under vacuum pochette
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