A19408 - SIKKIM  Hand blown glass teapot

    Hand blown glass teapot
    4 cups

    Mariage Freres has sculpted a teapot delineated by the roundness of its base, body and lid, varied by the rhythm of horizontal and vertical grooves.

    The shape suggests the sun and full moon, the turning of the earth and the cycle of human life. The knob atop the teapot, capped by a metal handle, is reminiscent of fortified monasteries built on the prodigiously defensive sites of the enchanted mountain.

    The metal handle that hooks to high vertical clips enriches the composition with a combination of precious materials, while the spout reaffirms the elegance of the whole piece.

    Hand-blown glass teapot, made in France, each teapot is unique and contains up to 0,7 l.

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  3. Ref : A19408  -  Price : 370€