T2310 - ROBE ROUGE Blue tea™

    Blue tea™

    « Red Gown », called Da Hong Pao on Wu Yi Mountain where it is grown, is extremely rare.

    A tiny estate on a steep slope with sandy soil near a spring provides the tea bushes with morning sun but protects them with cool afternoon shade. The tender buds with red reflections thus benefit from ideal conditions, enhancing all their qualities.

    Just after picking, leaves undergo a bold oxidation that releases a highly woody taste specific to the soil. Its thick, concentrated liquor and its grand aroma, halfway between chestnut and hazelnut, last long in the mouth.

    A masterpiece envied by connoisseurs the world over, it has been valued since the Ming dynasty for allegedly favouring a long life.

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 7 min

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