TJC9142 - REIWA PREMIER Tea for the new imperial era in Japan

    Tea for the new imperial era in Japan
    Flowery green tea from Japan- Jardin premier*

    Invitation to the voyage, where everything is order and loveliness…
    REIWA, evoking ‘beautiful harmony’ is the name chosen for the new age that begins with the Emperor of Japan’s accession to the throne.

    This majestic green tea from Japan, ornamented with imperial chrysanthemum flowers is rich with fragrances evoking a shower of plum and cherry blossom petals.
    The joyful, delicate liquor swathes the palate with an infinitely round umami flavour.

    And so begins this new time for tea, gently caressed by the rays of the sun.

    Label Jardin Premier

  2. Characteristics : #Green Tea   #Flower   #Jardin Premier   
  3. Presentations : Collector tin
    Dressed in black and enlivened with bright polka dots the tin brandishes a flamboyant rising sun in pink, the colour chosen by the Imperial House to symbolise the REIWA era.
    Contenance : 80g - scented green tea from Japan

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