TA2708 - RARE MILKY BLUE TEA® Blue tea™ - Jardin Premier

    Blue tea™ - Jardin Premier
    Formosa - Nantou

    At the heart of the island of Taiwan was born Rare Milky Blue Tea®, in the region of Nantou, celebrated for its endless fertile plains and unreachable summits. Mariage Frères has distilled all the magic of the terroir of Tung Ting Mountain to create a unique and mysterious Blue Tea™ with a milky aroma, naturally drawn out from the essence of the leaf.

    Dried leaves : Like a beautiful jade-pearl necklace the leaves are carefully rolled out and heated, eliciting an exquisite note of biscuit followed by a hint of chypre – reminiscent of a forest stroll in budding spring – accompanied by a reassuring fragrance of candied tamarind.

    Infused leaves : The infused leaves open with a frank floral aroma recalling fresh redwood resin, then an airy note of precious rice, harmoniously blanketed with milky vapors.

    Liquor : The ripe apricot-coloured robe is full of tender fragrances – an overture to a creamy and dense cup – bursting with stewed fruits on a backdrop of white almond cream.

    Silky forever.

    *Label Jardin Premier

    4,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min
  3. Presentations : Collector tin
    80 g of this new rare and sublime Blue Tea™ are presented in a classical tin encased in an ivory set showing a silver logo

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