TB8876 - RAINBOW RHAPSODY® Flavoured white tea

    Flavoured white tea
    Jardin Premier*

    A flamboyant composition of white tea with sparkling accents of fruit, in the cup RAINBOW RHAPSODY® expresses the intense joy of a colourful rainbow shining with sunlight and announcing peace and harmony to come.

    Rosy intonations and an invigorating balance of citrus delight the palate. The luxurious box with white polka dots and decorated with a swirl of joyful colour invites you to happily gather around a pot of RAINBOW RHAPSODY® tea.

    Label Jardin Premier

    5 g / 20 cl - 85°C - 7 min

  3. Characteristics : #White tea   #Jardin Premier   #Rhapsody®   
  4. Presentations : Muslin Tea Sachet
    Box of 30 cotton muslin tea sachets - contents : 75g

  5. Ref : TB8876  -  Price : 24€
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