T2202 - PEI HOU Green tea - Jardin Premier*
  1. PEI HOU

    Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Cultivated at the top of Tian Mu Mountain, 1200 meters above sea level in the Long Gang region, this famous Pei Hou tea is characterised by its beautiful tender golden-green leaves, subtle aroma and mild flavour.
    The picking is carefully done by hand and only once a year, in the spring. A harvester needs more than a day just to obtain one kilogram of this famous tea. The processing of the leaves is also entirely done by hand, according to ancestral traditions. Accessible only by foot, after more than 5 hours of climbing, the crates of tea must leave the garden on the same way, thus beginning their long journey. A majestic tea.

    Dried leaves: The young shoots are shaped into long, unbroken needles, which sport a beautifully matte shade of celadon green punctuated with the silvery touches of the buds.

    nfused leaves: The bouquet is bright, round and reassuring, blending the aromas of bamboo resin, raw peanut and medlar compote.

    Liquor: As limpid and brilliant as green amethyst, the liqueur is like a bamboo forest in spring: full of freshness and life. It exudes the fruity sweetness of green nashi and the liveliness of candied rosehip. Supple and balanced with incredibly right texture, the liqueur plays its fruity score on the palate for a long time.

    Label Jardin Premier

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 85° C - 2 min

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