E301A - PARIS TEA TIME® 3 teas gift set

    3 teas gift set
    black tea, green tea & rooibos

    The City of Paris and Mariage Frères have come together to create three prestigious gourmet teas, infused with charm and poetry, for the morning, afternoon and evening.
    Mariage Frères has created a new black gift case containing three black lacquered canisters.
    They hold three blended teas that one can prepare at any moment of the day.

    - MATIN PARISIEN : black tea for the morning
    - PARIS MARAIS : a distinguished green tea for the afternoon
    - ROUGE PLEINE LUNE : naturally theine-free red tea for the evening

    Each black lacquered canister holds 100 g of tea.

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  3. Ref : E301A  -  Price : 68€