T4625 - ORCHIDÉE BLEUE® Blue tea™ - Jardin Premier*

    Blue tea™ - Jardin Premier*

    This new harvest comes from a small garden in the heart of « The Hill of Peace ». A fertile region, abounding in fruit and grain plantations, the terroir gives rise to a wonder that rivals the best of the Blue Teas of China and Formosa, both aesthetically and aromatically.

    Dried leaves : Hand crafted into jade-coloured pearls, the young leaves are like precious, porcelain jewels. A supple aroma of longan honey precedes a fruitiness dominated by white mango, highlighted by a hint of kaffir lime zest.

    Infused leaves : A unique ensemble of blossoming buds recall an orchid, elegantly expressed through precious wisps of agarwood and an intoxicating fragrance of absinthe. The finale is balanced by a subtle filigree of golden spelt bread, fresh from the oven.

    Liquor : In a golden, crystalline robe the liquor caresses the palate with finesse, its gentle roundness like a lychee jam flavoured with lemongrass. An airy, floral note lingers like a bouquet of blooming peonies.

    Rare and irresistible.

    Label Jardin Premier

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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