E98323 - NOCTURNE ORIENTAL® Music box - 5 teas

    Music box - 5 teas
    Liebesträume - Franz Liszt

    For a musical rendition of the exuberant beauty of the Orient, this joyful box plays the opening notes of Franz Liszt's Liebestraume nocturne: a dream of love.
    The piano weaves and projects clouds of magic chords on an evening breeze; a thousand and one nights are evoked, a thousand and one Orients-real and imagined-whose sensuality evokes primeval scents.

    - NOCTURNE ORIENTAL, a green tea enlivened with citrus fruits and spices
    - THÉ DES ROIS, a modern version of green tea with mint, a veritable "tea of kings"
    - ROUGE SAHARA, a felicitous blend of flower and spice, namely rose and mint
    - CASABLANCA, a marriage of green tea with marigold flowers and Moroccan mint, to be enjoyed hot or cold
    - THÉ SUR LE NIL, a grassy green tea highlighted by mild spices and citrus fruit

    Alongside these 5 pakets is a silver plated measuring spoon.

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