T4162 - NISHI CHA Thé vert du Japon

    Thé vert du Japon
    Jardin Premier*

    Here is one of the most sought after Senchas from Japan, crafted with an attention to detail by a family of three brothers who count themselves among the most experienced and well-known planters in the Land of the Rising Sun. Cultivated on Mount Kirishima, on the island of Kyushu, this rare and precious tea is plucked by hand only once a year and reserved exclusively for Mariage Frères. Its exceptional quality and smooth flavour make it a jewel of the ‘Illuminating Teas’.

    Dried leaves: The bright, handsome and lustrous leaves exhale a fruity aroma of lychee and candied persimmon.
    Infused leaves: The finery of jade unleashes notes of sweet magnolia flower and wild strawberry.
    Liquor: The liquor with emerald reflections resembles nectar. Besides hints of bamboo resin and candied angelica, the umami texture resonates with a tone of sumptuous white apricot.

    Velveteen from the island of Kyushu.

    Limited edition- 10 kg per year

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 70° C - 3 min

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