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    Darjeeling Premium First Flush

    - Premium Tea Estate -

    « Tea from Beyond the Skies »
    The parcels of tea in the Namring garden, created in 1855 by the British, belong to Jhinglam and Poomong at 1,220 and 1,370 meters in altitude. The remarkable character of the Namring Terroir as well as the combination of the planter's admirable work coupled with Mariage Frères' unique savoir-faire give birth to this splendid tea with myriad aromatic nuances.

    One of this years very first crus from Darjeeling, this tea comes from a high quality plot of land in Jhinglam in the garden of Namring whose slopes rise some 1,400m into the clouds and is exclusively reserved for Mariage Frères.

    Leaves : a swarm of young buds and whole leaves exude a fresh and invigorating bouquet of watermelon, star fruit and green apple, backed by an evocative note of green almond.

    Nose : woody and floral, fresh notes of alpine resin, persimmon and black cherry jam.

    Liquor : a shimmering, honey-yellow robe offering a fragrance of crystallised lavender flower. A harmonious liquor with rich notes of lychee and wild blackberry followed by a firm hint of prune and floral aromas.

    A Darjeeling as delicate and tender as Wonderland.

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min

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