FTGFOP1 EX2/2018
    Darjeeling Premium First Flush

    “Tea from beyond the skies”

    Issued from Jhinglam and Poomong, two extraordinary divisions of the Namring garden created in 1855 by the British, these parcels of land are found between 1,220 and 1,370 metres in altitude. A pruning in July, good sunlight and the masterful irrigation of hardy, century-old tea plants resistant to the cold temperatures allowed for an exceptionally early growth of buds and the confection of this grand cru 2018. The admirable work of the planters, the unique savoir-faire of Mariage Frères and the remarkable character of the Namring terroir give rise to a rich splendour of lunar velvety shades.

    Dried leaves: The majestic silver tips that swath the young, indigo leaves exhale a perfume of fresh date and nougat.

    Infused leaves: An elegant moiré of jade and silver, the leaves reveal a deliciously fruity-woody score of roasted guava.

    Liquor: Champagne gold, the silky liquor pleasantly caresses the palate. A note of grilled pine nut precedes a gentle, zesty aroma of blood orange married to an airy fragrance of white orchid. Hints of rosy pink peppercorn prolong the enjoyment while a harmonious wisp of vanilla lingers long after.

    The path to paradise!

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

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  4. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
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