T4233S - MATCHA  KYOTO Thé vert de cérémonie en poudre - Japon

    Thé vert de cérémonie en poudre - Japon
    Jardin premier*

    This imperial green tea is fashioned with the young shoots of tea bushes known as ‘Samidori’ or ‘tender green bud’.
    Reserved for the fabrication of some of the most sought-after shaded teas in the world like Gyokuro or Tencha, these ‘Samidori’ tea bushes are emblematic of the Kyoto region.
    The Tencha leaves are grinded down with the help of stone mills, then this magnificent emerald powder is used for the majestic Japanese ceremony of tea. The dosage is handled with the use of a measuring spoon known as a ‘chashaku’, and the jade foam made with a whisk called a ‘chasen’, both made in bamboo.

    Sublime emerald powder sparkling with suave fragrance.
    Delicious brioche-like aromas are enhanced with an elegant note of white flowers.
    The round and silky liquor floods the palate with floral nuances evoking stewed white melon and precious orchid honey.
    A finale of rare elegance recalls the smooth sweetness of macadamia nut.
    A richly umami imperial elixir.

    Label Jardin Premier
    Place about 1,5 g of Matcha tea in a bowl, then pour in 4 cl of hot water (80°C).
    Swiftly whip the tea for 30 seconds with a bamboo whisk, or chasen, then drink it.

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