A1744 - MANDARINS  Stoneware teapot

    Stoneware teapot
    golden enamel - 6 cups

    This piece is a signed rerelease by Mariage Frères of a Chinese Ming dynasty teapot dating from the beginning of the 17th century.

    Under the Ming dynasty (from the 14th century till the 17th century) tea began to be sold as leaves, thus being served as infusions. The teapot became the most functional way by which to prepare tea and was quickly adopted as the standard by tea connoisseurs.

    The East India Company, which exchanged spices and metals for tea in Imperial China, introduced this form of tea preparation in Europe.

    The Mandarin teapot, of a pure and sober style, rests true to the Ming spirit.

    Stoneware teapot made in France.

  2. Characteristics : #More than 5 cups   #Stoneware Teapot   #Gold   #Teapot   
  3. Ref : A1744  -  Price : 510€