T4194 - MAKIZONO CHA Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Originating from a confidential garden on the island of Kyushu – the southernmost marvel of this archipelago of flavours –, this tailor-made jewel is a world-wide exclusive. Swaddling ocean mists transfer their benefits to the heart of the tea plants nourished by the rich earth surrounding an active volcano. The complicity of the planter and Mariage Frères’ chief blender has produced this grand cru of « Shadow Tea » through an imperial method of agriculture using a shade structure which protects the tea plants from the powerful sunlight in the ten days preceding the harvest.

    Dried leaves : Emerald colour, majestic and luminescent. The most tender leaves are rapidly transported to the family’s workshop to undergo a controlled baking with volcanic steam and then hand-crafted and polished into fine, shiny needles. A sweet, milky wisp of almond foreshadows an elegant fragrance of flowers and fruit: pink lychee, white mango…

    Infused leaves : Jade satin. A delicate bouquet of white flowers bewitches the taster. These marvelously soft and luscious leaves can be used to complement culinary dishes with a unique and sensual flair.

    Liquor : Imperial gold. The cup offers a silky body evoking ylang-ylang honey followed by a gourmet wave of wild berries that caress the palate with a pleasant umami sensation. The infusion then reveals a round and fruity flavour recalling candied angelica, leaving a final impression of the precious incense that unfurls within the sacred spaces of ancient temples.

    The Champagne of ‘Shadow Teas’.

    Label Jardin Premier

    4 g / 20 cl - 75°C - 2 min

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