E98325 - MADAME BUTTERFLY® Music box - 4 teas

    Music box - 4 teas
    Japanese tune Sakura, Sakura

    The Far East may hide feelings, but it arouses emotions. The MADAME BUTTERFLY music box is a four-act tale to be read in the leaves of these four new blends.
    Opening the drawer triggers the first notes of the famous Japanese tune Sakura Sakura, evoking cherry trees in blossom.

    - MADAME BUTTERFLY, white tea richly flavoured with fruit and flowers
    - KABUKI, black tea with wild fruits from the Far East
    - PARIS-KYOTO, green tea flavoured with yuzu balanced by a hint of vanilla
    - THE DES SAMOURAÏS, green Sencha tea of great character, backed by citrus and other exotic fruit, plus vanilla

    Alongside these pakets of tea is a silver plated measuring spoon.

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