L62 - LES ROUTES DU THÉ Tuul et Bruno Morandi

    Tuul et Bruno Morandi
    French texts

    Photographers with a sense for adventure and a love for travel, Tuul and Bruno Morandi are also devoted tea drinkers.
    During their countless journeys, they have shared too many cups to remember.
    Since the 14th century, tea has been the most consumed beverage in the world; fascinated by the drink's popularity, the couple set out to explore the ancient tea routes.
    Starting in tea's ancestral lands, at the borders of China and Burma, they travel the roads over to Japan, following in the footsteps of Buddhist monks and missionaries before taking the old paths used by the peddlers of the English Empire to reach India and Ceylon.
    Their journey leads them to the native land of Tuul, towards the high plateaus of Tibet and Mongolia where tea is king, as they wander along the iconic silk roads drifting in and out of Central Asia's bazaars, tea houses and the smoky chaikhanas of Iran. Then, continuing on their route to the Black Sea, they cross over to Turkey where today the world's greatest amount of tea consumers per capita reside. As their quest comes to an end they head for the Sahara, where tea is known as a symbol of hospitality, before finally putting their bags down in Kenya’s highlands, in the immense plantations of tea trees originally cultivated from the East but which have made their home here for ages.

    A lush and exciting journey that takes us by the hand into the heart of the tea world.

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