T4262 - KUKI TENCHA Green tea from Japan

    Green tea from Japan
    Jardin premier*

    At the initiative of Mariage Frères, a family garden in Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu had the joy of producing this new tea by using the young spring shoots and twigs of the famous and delicious Tencha ‘Shadow Tea’. After an intense steaming, the young leaves (used to create our Matcha teas) are carefully detached from their supple branches. These twigs are then worked according to a novel method bearing a unique array of flavours.

    Dried leaves: The twigs shine in gradients of amber gold and tender green. A sweet fragrance resonates with white nougat and toasted hazelnut.
    Infused leaves : A delicate flowery aroma mingles with notes of candied green plum.
    Liquor: Pale green. The liquor is naturally round and velvety, accented with white grape and forest honey brightened by a dash of liquorice root.

    Calming and very low in theine.

    Label Jardin Premier

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